Hello! We are parents to kids that just love playing all sorts of board games, card games and the occasional video game.

We create games with our children! Some are educational, some are fun and some are both! It’s been a wonderful experience creating with our kids and then seeing how so many others are enjoying it too. We always love constructive criticism and anything that you think we could do better.

Wreathy Games came about originally because we wanted to create games for our two boys that they had interest in, but we couldn’t find. Our first game was Go Fish: Dino Edition for obvious reasons: Dinos. As our two boys got a little older, the math fun began!

For us, math flash cards were great but more of a testing tool. We wanted something for them to play that was always practicing their math facts, but was imaginative and fun. Our youngest was loving collecting Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards but the game was too complicated. Over the course of several months, Ryte2Wyn – The Magical Card Game of Math was born!

Our Commitment:

Quality Cards – We invest in professional quality cards – not thin, cheapest, low quality cards like most all other kids game cards, in our experience.

Fun – That’s why we’re making them!

Thanks for browsing and have fun!